The Solarflower is an open source solar energy collector which tracks the sun automatically through a simple non-electrical mechanism.

It can be made almost anywhere from common recycled and salvaged materials using basic tools and skills, is portable, has no running costs or emissions, and can produce up to kilowatts of power per device.

Depending on available resources it should take one to three unskilled people less than a week to build, and cost under $100.

Potential examples of use could include:

  • Electrical production with simple steam turbine/piston, with waste heat going to oven or hot water system.
  • Dome oven with integrated water system for temperature regulation and hot/pasteurized water.
  • Steam distillation of water for removal of chemical, heavy metal, and biological toxins.
  • Medium to large scale food dehydration, processing, and roasting.
  • Conversion of fibrous organic waste into charcoal for energy storage and low smoke cooking, with coproduction of bio-oil and bio-gas.
  • And any other application utilizing heat.

I'm currently in India, working with people in slums and rural areas to design and develop scrap makable appropriate technologies which help them provide for their family's basic needs. This project is made viable solely through donations from people like you.
The current expenses are about US$300 per month which means that if one person in five visiting this site per month donates one dollar, the project will be indefinitely sustainable. Visit makernomad for more information.

Raised so far this month: us$37
Raised last month: us$578.25

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